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Compare Long Term Care Insurance Options

Our licensed agents help consumers navigate the complex waters of Long Term Care Insurance and compare the multitude of benefit options that are out there. When beginning the Long Term Care insurance learning process it is important to use an unbiased resource such as this Compare Long Term Care tools to help find the best price, benefit, product, and company to fit your needs.

Comprehensive Research and Comparison Tools

Our site has in-depth research, learning and comparing tools carefully designed to help the consumer make the best financial decision they can when buying Long Term Care Insurance.

We work with all the major Long Term Care Insurance companies and help clients in all 50 States compare their options.

What to Consider when Comparing Long Term Care?

When you begin your initial research there are three main points you will want to consider:

  1. Are my assets enough that I want to insure them? As a general rule, Long Term Care Insurance is most appropriate for people with about $100,000 or more liquid assets.
  2. Do I want the insurance to pay for most all the care I might need or just part of it? Selecting the appropriate amount of insurance and not buying too much is critical in designing a policy that you will be able to afford to pay for years to come.
  3. I have decided that I might want to get the insurance so what's the best most efficient way to do it? Most clients prefer to buy this at a distance.

Distance Learning Options

We offer two non-intrusive ways to achieve the distance learning that so many of our clients prefer.

  • We can simply mail you the information direct to your home so you can review it on your schedule.
  • We can do a screen share where from the comfort of your home, you will be able to watch real-time as we explain the pros and cons of Long Term Care Insurance AND see the quotes from all the companies as they are generated right in front of your eyes.

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