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March 2014

Retirement Takes Back Seat to Other Expenses as Americans Save

Americans know how much they should be saving for retirement, but the problem is they aren’t listening to their own advice.
Capital One Survey
A recent survey interviewed working adults about their retirement goals and attitudes, and while most people know the ideal contribution rate for successfully saving for retirement, they aren’t keeping up.

Audit of California Long Term Care Management Approved

The management of California long term care facilities is about to get a much closer look.
Audit of System Management
At the request of California legislator Mariko Yamada (D- Davis), the state’s management of long term care facilities will undergo an audit. Yamada is the chair of the Aging and Long Term Care Committee.

In Wake of Rate Increase, CalPERS Long Term Care Insurance Policyholders Reduce Coverage

Premiums for CalPERS Long Term Care Insurance products are set to increase next year, and many policyholders have already responded to the increases by cutting their coverage.

Rate Increase
A rate hike of 5-85% will take place in 2015 and 2016 for members of the California Public Employee Retirement System.

Detailed Projections Spell Success for Retirement Planning, Study Says

Retirement planning means a lot of different things to different people. For many, it means simply making estimations of how much you will need to live comfortably in retirement and putting money into savings to help achieve your monetary goal.

Global CEOs Believe Technology in Healthcare Will Transform the Sector

The rapid advancement of technology is having huge effects across industries, and the healthcare industry is not exempt. According to the 17th annual Global CEO Survey conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers, more than four-fifths of global healthcare CEOs believe the aging population and technology in healthcare will transform the sector.

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