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April 2012

Long Term Care Insurance Companies

Every type of insurance has its major players, and it seems that the players are different for different types of coverage.  For example, for auto and property insurance, State Farm is the dominant company, followed by major carriers like Progressive, Geico, Nationwide, Allstate, etc.

Guaranteed Renewable Long Term Care Insurance

Guaranteed Renewable Long Term Care Insurance policies cannot be cancelled down the road when your health changes.  While you as a consumer can cancel anytime, the insurer cannot arbitrarily cancel your policy if it is Guaranteed Renewable.

After all, Long Term Care Insurance is something you buy whenyoung and healthy with an expectation of use well into the future.

An Overview of Genworth Privileged Choice Flex

Genworth Privileged Choice Flex is the top-selling Long Term Care Insurance product in 2012.  It was introduced in most states between August and November of 2011, and is Genworth’s latest incarnation in a series of Long Term Care Insurance plans going back to 1974.

Long Term Care Insurance Advice

Should You Buy Long Term Care Insurance?
It seems that everywhere you turn there is conflicting advice on whether Long Term Care Insurance makes sense.  This article covers several critical points that may help your decision ofwhether you should buy Long Term Care Insurance, and then when you should buy Long Term Care Insurance.

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