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Updated January 11, 2021.
by Drew Nichols

Looking for the active companies selling Long-Term Care Insurance in 2021? Don't fall for outdated and often incorrect blog posts and news articles. We've got the latest information here, and now.

There are more options in 2021 than ever before for covering Long-Term Care expenses.

Companies that traditionally sold a lot of LTC coverage, like Genworth, Transamerica, John Hancock, Mutual of Omaha, and many others have slowed down their LTC sales. A new breed of highly-rated life and long-term care insurance companies have stepped in to dominate the market.

A Wide Variety of Top-Rated Companies

Shoppers considering Long Term Care Insurance are fortunate to have a wide variety of companies to choose from in most states.

The market has consolidated around the strongest carriers in the business. These remaining companies figured out how to survive in a healthy position of market strength, while companies that had disappointing sales have exited.

Their formula?

  • Provide full-featured policies with lots of options.
  • Include things like Couples' Shared Benefits.
  • Simplify underwriting with clear guidelines.

At LTC Tree, we are unbiased independent agents and can provide apples-to-apples comparison spreadsheets with policy designs from the following insurance companies:

Let us Compare Long Term Care plans from these companies for you:

There are two major types of policies in the market these days: hybrid and traditional policies. Hybrid policies are typically paid up-front, often to the tune of $100-$150k per person. They usually offer strong guarantees and return of premium upon death.

  • Lincoln Moneyguard

    • A+ rated by major national ratings agency.
    • Fort Wayne, Indiana Home Office
    • Offers asset-based LTC insurance plans – generally a hybrid Universal Life policy.
  • Pacific Life

    • A+ rated by major national ratings agency.
    • Aliso Viejo, CA Home Office
    • Policy designs often similar to Lincoln, but tend to have more LTC focus than Life focus.
  • Genworth

    • A rated by major national ratings agency.
    • Traces roots back to The Life Insurance company of Virginia Life 1871.
    • Pioneer in LTC industry, first policies sold in 1974.
    • Lynchburg, VA Home Office
    • Traditional LTC plans as well as hybrid Life+LTC Universal Life policies available.
  • Mass Mutual

    • A++ rated (the highest possible) by major national ratings agency.
    • Traces roots back to 1851
    • Springfield, Mass Home Office
    • “Participating” (potential for non-guaranteed dividends) LTC coverage.
    • Third-pool shared LTC plans available up to 3+3+3 years.
  • Transamerica

    • A+ rated by major national ratings agency.
    • Transcare third-generation family of products
    • Cedar Rapids, IA Home Office
    • Traces roots back to 1904 San Francisco
    • Federal LTC Program 2.0
    • Available to Federal Employees & Retirees via OPM
  • State Farm

    • Sold via captive State Farm agents.
  • Mutual of Omaha

    • A+ rated by major national ratings agency.
    • Founded in 1909
    • Secure Solution and Custom Solution are being rolled out to replace Mutual Care Plus.

Additional companies that sell LTC policies (either traditional or hybrid Life+LTC plans) in some or all states:

  • LifeSecure
  • Northwestern Mutual
  • New York Life
  • State Life Insurance Company
  • Nationwide Life Insurance

At LTC Tree, we attempt to bring you the most in-depth knowledge and best selection of Long Term Care Insurance policy pricing from the widest array of companies. As a “super market” for LTC insurance, we can help you compare plan options from different carriers without moving from company to company and hearing the marketing and PR departments’ sales pitches about each policy and company.

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