Maryland Bill Would Create Tax Credit for Long Term Care Insurance

A new bill proposed in Maryland would create a more extensive taxpayer credit for long term care insurance policyholders.
Long Term Care Insurance Tax Credit
Senator Katherine Klausmeier (D-Baltimore) introduced SB 478 in the legislature this week. The bill would half the value of the state’s current tax credit for the first year the policyholder pays premiums.

Maine Long Term Care Commission Suggests $10M More Needed for State Medicaid

The recently created long term care commission completed their evaluation and analysis of the Maine long term care system and released their final report last week. After taking time to study the dynamics and current trajectory of long term care within the state, the panel is now proposing an additional $10 million be allocated to the MaineCare program in 2014.

South Carolina Long Term Care On the Rise

Long term care use is on the rise around the nation as states struggle to keep up with the high demand. A recent report by the AARP analyzes the prevalence of South Carolina long term care services.

Long Term Care in Georgia: Who Pays?

States across the nation are taking a long, hard look at their long term care systems in an attempt to reduce costs and improve quality of care for patients. A recent article in the Columbia County News-Times discusses the prevalence of long term care in Georgia and how the typical form of payment affects the state.

First Green House Long Term Care Facility to Open in Florida

Up until now, Florida nursing homes have remained largely the same, but things are about to change for the better. John Knox Village is opening the state’s first Green House long term care facility in Pompano Beach.
Florida’s First
The retirement community has plans to begin construction on the new home next year.

Maine’s Long Term Care Panel Evaluates High Cost and Low Accessibility

A commission to address the long term care financing issues in Maine met for the first time on Friday and discussed the state’s long term care system, which legislators say is “on the brink”.

Virginia Long Term Care Insurance Tax Credit Remains… For Now

The tax credit offered to residents of Virginia remains in place for 2013, narrowly escaping the ax after a bill failed in committee to kill it.  As part of a general transportation bill to reduce tax rates and add other consumption taxes such as gasoline tax, the bill sought to destroy this incentive to buy Long Term Care Insurance offered to Virginia residents.

Florida Long Term Care Insurance

The Sunshine State accounts for 3.30% of the Long Term Care Insurance market, and 6.2% of the U.S. population, meaning Floridians protect themselves at smaller proportions than the rest of the country.  Florida is also a retirement haven, with many baby boomers moving here each year, so Long Term Care insurers would be remiss to ignore this market.

Washington Long Term Care Insurance Facts

The Evergreen State accounts for 2.89% of the Long Term Care Insurance market, and 2.2% of the U.S. population, meaning Washingtonians protect themselves at higher proportions than the rest of the country.  Washington residents are also known to be some of the healthiest in the United States, so Long Term Care insurers would be remiss to ignore this market.

North Carolina Long-Term Care Insurance Costs

North Carolina’s costs for Long-Term Care vary greatly from the rural areas to the metro areas like Asheville, Charlotte, and RTP.

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