Vitamin D Deficiency Causes Cognitive Decline

Vitamin D has long been hailed as one of the most important nutrients to maintain good bone health. A new study published this week suggests your bones aren’t the only part of the body to benefit, though; vitamin D plays a big role in our brain health, too. Researchers discovered a link between Vitamin D deficiency and cognition problems.

Aging In Place Depends On Housing Wealth

A new report from the Mortgage Banker’s Association found that housing assets are still the dominating component of most Americans’ retirement portfolio.
Housing and Health
The report, titled “A Profile of Housing and Health Among Older Americans”, was co-authored by three professors. Michael D. Eriksen of Texas Tech University, Gary V.

Personalized Retirement Planning in the High Tech Era

A new report from Transamerica highlights predictions of how retirement planning is set to change in the next few years, as technology continues to evolve.

Why Older Workers Are Happier With Their Jobs

Though year after year, we see studies that show just how unhappy most Americans are with their jobs, that statistic doesn’t apply to every age group, according to a new survey. Older workers are much more likely to be satisfied with their jobs than younger workers.

Scientists Begin $1.6B Project to Better Understand the Human Brain

A long term collaborative neuroscience project conducted by more than 135 institutions began recently.
Human Brain Project

The project, which is being co-funded by the EU, is expected to take 10 years and is being called the Human Brain Project, or HBP.

World Unprepared for Rapidly Aging Population, Study

A new report from the United Nations shows that the world’s elderly population is increasing so rapidly that few countries, if any, are ready to support the new population.

Why Long Term Care Insurance Is Right for You

Most people avoid the subject of growing old. Planning to need help with basic activities of daily living like eating and getting around isn’t exactly a pleasant conversation, but as Americans live longer each year, it has become a necessary one.

Should I Buy Long Term Care Insurance Now or Wait?

Anyone under the age of 80 has asked themselves whether it was a smart idea to jump in and buy a Long Term Care Insurance policy now or wait and save the money in their own investments.  Unlike other insurance products where there is a possibility of an imminent claim once a policy is in force, it’s unlikely you’ll use your LTC insurance policy immediately after you’ve purchased it.

Benefit Periods in Long Term Care Insurance

Benefit Periods are commonly misunderstood when comparing Long Term Care Insurance.  The first mistake most clients make is in assuming that when you buy a set number of years, you are actually buying a finite time period.  You are not.

The Benefit Period is simply a multiplier.  For example, 2 years is 730 days.

Long Term Care Insurance Statistics: October 2014 Update

Updated October 2014.

October 2014 Summary: Women account for 2/3 of LTC Claims, and premiums are higher for women in many cases, but not always.

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