Medicaid Underfunding for Long Term Care Reaches All Time High

Long term care providers faced the highest level of underfunding last year, according to a new report.

Long Term Care Provider Report
The nation’s largest long-term care provider association American Health Care Association/National Center for Assisted Living released a report which details the long term care costs incurred across the country and those that were reimbursed by Medicaid.

Overconfidence Can Hurt Retirement Plans, Study Says

“Confidence is key”, we so often hear, whether it’s in terms of a relationship, job, or just day-to-day life. But can too much confidence ever be a bad thing? According to a new study, the answer is yes. Being overconfident in your financial ability might be more detrimental than helpful when it comes to planning for retirement.

Millionaires on Medicaid? Program No Longer Serves Just Those In Need

An interesting article appeared in the Wall Street Journal earlier this month that discussed the current state of Medicaid across the nation.

Boomers Delaying Retirement Turn to Startups in Large Numbers

The struggling economy and job market has left some Boomers without a job but still in need of income. With lengthening life expectancies and high health care costs, retirement at 55 just isn’t an option for most people. Many Baby Boomers are turning to startups as a new way to make money and keep themselves occupied.

Addressing the Nation’s Long Term Care Problem

As families face health care costs in retirement beyond what they could have ever imagined, politicians and other public officials grapple with the issue of long term care and the best way to approach it as a nation.

High Net Worth Investors and Long Term Care Insurance

Long term care insurance isn’t for every one, and many wealthy investors seem to think they don’t need a policy. Even those with an extremely high net worth are ignoring long term care insurance, according to a new study.

Is 2014 Your Year of Retirement?

As the new year approaches, now is the perfect time to reflect on your finances from this past year and look ahead to your retirement plans. If you are planning to retire in 2014 or any other time soon, you’ve likely considered these aspects of retirement, but it never hurts to look over your plans again and iron out the details.

South Carolina Long Term Care On the Rise

Long term care use is on the rise around the nation as states struggle to keep up with the high demand. A recent report by the AARP analyzes the prevalence of South Carolina long term care services.

Why You Shouldn’t Avoid Long Term Care Insurance

I read an article in the Wall Street Journal last week titled “Avoiding Long Term Care Insurance” and was surprised to read the financial advice.
A True Burden
A financial advisor wrote the column explaining why she advises her clients against the purchase of long term care insurance.

Long Term Care Usage Parsed in New Government Report

As the prevalence of family caregivers wanes in the Baby Boomer era, retirees are preparing for the chance that they may need long term care some day. A new report compiled by the CDC and National Center for Health Statistics evaluates the different kinds of paid care service providers and gives an insight into the dynamics of long term care in the United States.

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