The Cost of Waiting to Buy Long Term Care Insurance

When people begin looking at Long Term Care Insurance policies, there is often a tendency to put off the actual purchase until later down the road. While rushing the decision isn’t a wise move, waiting too long to buy can cost you, too, sometimes much more.

Looking Late
We spoke with a client last month who was beginning to look into buying Long Term Care Insurance. Carol lives in St.

Death Rates in America and How Dementia Fits In

As the aging population in the United States continues to grow, it’s worth looking at the causes of death in the country and how they have changed over time. Bloomberg published an interactive slideshow of graphs recently that details just that and helps people understand the changes in mortality over the past few decades and how dementia fits in.

Where Does Long Term Care Cost the Most?

With more and more Boomers entering retirement every day, the cost of retirement is a common topic. One cost in particular is gaining more momentum in discussion because of just how expensive it is and how few people are prepared for the high price: long term care.

Brown University Receives $1M Grant to Create Long Term Care Center

A grant of $1 million has been given to Brown University’s School of Public Health to seek new ways to help improve the long term care system in the United States.

Why Consider a Long Term Care Insurance Policy?

Every one plans for retirement. Whether it’s saving money to retire, planning to retire part-time and use your newfound time to engage in some old hobbies, or simply dreaming about your life of leisure to come once you leave the workforce, it’s safe to say all workers plan for retirement in one way or another. Unfortunately, most workers overlook some vital aspects of planning.

Avoid Becoming a Caregiver in Retirement

A recent MarketWatch article touches on the issue of caregiving and how it is fast becoming something familiar to more and more Americans as the Baby Boomers enter retirement.
Family Caregiving
Many people often find themselves in a situation where caregiving for a loved one is necessary, so they step up and take on the role.

Genworth CEO Emphasizes Commitment to Long Term Care Insurance Industry

Genworth President and CEO Tom McInerney is reaffirming the company’s commitment and new approach to the Long Term Care Insurance industry.
Confident in Market
In a recent short video, McInerney spoke of the excitement within Genworth about the Long Term Care Insurance business and their confidence moving forward after completing their in-depth review of the industry in 2013.

California Partnership for Long Term Care Helps Californians Preserve Assets

The cost of living in California is quite high; Californians know this. What many of them don’t know, however, is that there is a big expense that could trip them up during retirement. Long term care poses a financial risk to those people who haven’t set up a plan to cover the costs, which, unfortunately, is most people.

One-Third of Americans Say the Affordable Care Act Will Force Them to Delay Retirement

The Affordable Care Act, often known as Obamacare, is in the midst of implementation. Many Americans believe it will have a serious impact on their ability to retire and will cause them to push back their retirement date, according to a recent survey.
Retirement Fears Surfacing
Though the new legislation is titled the Affordable Care Act, some feel it was not aptly named.

Can We Reverse Aging Using Young Blood? New Research Says Maybe.

One look at the beauty products at your local convenience store and it becomes clear what our mission is. Skin creams, face lifts, and tummy tucks are commonplace these days as people strive to look and feel younger than ever.

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