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The Cost of Waiting to Buy Long Term Care Insurance

When people begin looking at Long Term Care Insurance policies, there is often a tendency to put off the actual purchase until later down the road. While rushing the decision isn’t a wise move, waiting too long to buy can cost you, too, sometimes much more.

Looking Late
We spoke with a client last month who was beginning to look into buying Long Term Care Insurance. Carol lives in St.

Upcoming Changes in the Long Term Care Insurance Industry

In the next month, some big changes are happening within the Long Term Care Insurance market. If you happen to be shopping for policies at the moment, it’s important that you are aware of the upcoming changes and how they will affect your buying ability.

Why You Should Work with an Independent Agent for Long Term Care Insurance

Using a financial advisor to help you plan for retirement can be a great choice: it can help you get a better grasp on your finances, understand specific goals and targets for savings, and provide you with information that you otherwise might not know.

Policyholder Reactions to Genworth Long Term Care Insurance Rate Increases

Several of the top Long Term Care Insurance companies have been forced to raise premium rates in the past few years due to a number of factors. Amidst all the rate increases, some policyholders have been less than pleased, but others have taken it in stride, recognizing that there is indeed a good reason behind the increases.

Maryland Bill Would Create Tax Credit for Long Term Care Insurance

A new bill proposed in Maryland would create a more extensive taxpayer credit for long term care insurance policyholders.
Long Term Care Insurance Tax Credit
Senator Katherine Klausmeier (D-Baltimore) introduced SB 478 in the legislature this week. The bill would half the value of the state’s current tax credit for the first year the policyholder pays premiums.

Young Buyers Should Avoid Guaranteed Purchase Option (GPO) with Long Term Care Insurance Policy

People shopping for a long term care insurance policy will notice that there are a lot of different choices, many of which can be confusing to those who have never dealt with this type of policy before. One option in particular, the Guaranteed Purchase Option, is often offered as a rider, but young buyers should stay away from this rider to avoid future financial disaster.

Long-Term Care Insurance Calendar Days vs. Service Days

The Calendar Day Rider on Long Term Care Insurance is one of those things that could be labeled as “fine print” on most policies.  Some companies, like Mutual of Omaha, include it automatically.  It’s extra with the Genworth Long Term Care Insurance product.  Others require extra premium for the luxury of having calendar day elimination periods.

Comparing 5% Simple vs 5% Compound Inflation Protection

We got a call from a client in Washington who was 59 and comparing Long Term Care Insurance options.  She rattled through a list of benefits like payment duration, daily benefit amount, and then got to inflation protection.  She dropped the 5% simple bomb without missing a beat and we continued on.

Long Term Care Insurance Survivorship Rider

Should Survivorship be added to my Long Term Care policy?  Is it worth it?  Read on for answers to these questions, and some “back of the envelope math” as well.

What is Survivorship?

Summary: Survivorship is a rider (optional feature that costs additional money) that couples can add to their Long Term Care Insurance policies.

Return of Premium on Long-Term Care Insurance Policies

There are three incarnations of Return of Premium, and each company selling Long-Term Care Insurance coverage will offer at least one:

Full Return of Premium
1) Return of Premium, often referred to as “full return of premium,” will give your beneficiary a death benefit equal to the sum of your LTC premiums paid over time.

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