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Poor Sleep Habits Tied to Alzheimer’s in New Study

If you are one to skip out on the recommended 8 hours of sleep every night, you might want to reconsider that stance. A new study suggests that poor sleep habits are linked with symptoms in the brain often attributed to Alzheimer’s.

Why Women Are Less Confident About Retirement Savings

Health care costs cause worry and stress for nearly every one, but ultimately, which gender is more concerned?
Gender Gap
The results of a recent survey were documented in the Allsup Medicare Advisor Report, which highlights the differences between men and women when it comes to retirement planning.

The Future of Technology in Long Term Care

Citizens of the 21st century United States have born witness to some of the most rapid technological advancements in history, especially in the medical field, many of which have helped Americans live longer, healthier lives.

Don’t Count on Your Health Insurance to Pay for Long Term Care

With the Affordable Care Act’s new health exchanges open, questions are swirling about what exactly is covered under the newly offered insurance policies and what they cost. Something important to keep in mind about the new law is that health insurance, even that provided under the Affordable Care Act, does not cover the cost of long term care.

The Right Time to Buy Long Term Care Insurance

A common question from people looking into long term care insurance is, “When should I buy a policy?” There is no across-the-board answer for every one, but generally, if you can afford to pay the premiums, it is the right time to buy.
What’s the Cost?
Long term care insurance helps you cover the expenses incurred from in-home health aides, nursing homes, or other related services.

World Unprepared for Rapidly Aging Population, Study

A new report from the United Nations shows that the world’s elderly population is increasing so rapidly that few countries, if any, are ready to support the new population.

MetLife Study Measures Impact of Family Caregiving

Recent numbers show just how severe the financial toll of caregiving really is on Americans. A study conducted by MetLife focuses on adult children who both work and provide care to their elderly parents and how the role of caregiver affects their earnings over time.

Commission Suggests Eliminating Medicare 3 Day Hospitalization Requirement for Long Term Care

After the CLASS Act was cut from the Affordable Care Act due to the lack of financial sustainability, the Commission on Long Term Care was created to address the long term care issues facing our country today. Among policy recommendations in the Commission’s final report is the suggestion that the Medicare 3-day hospitalization requirement for long term care be eliminated.

Global Increase in Alzheimer’s Compels Focus on Long Term Care: Report

A new report focused on dementia and long term care shows the number of people with Alzheimer’s is set to nearly triple by 2050 and the caregiver system intended to support these people is in need of significant reinforcements over the next decade.

Consider Long Term Care Risk When Planning for Retirement

The risk of needing long term care is becoming more apparent to the public and it’s important that consumers are aware of their options when planning for retirement.
Long Term Care Needs More Attention
The Congressional Commission on Long Term Care concluded recently and released their full report yesterday.

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