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February 2014

US Remains 19th in Retirement Security Worldwide

The Global Retirement Index for 2014 was released this week and the United States just barely made it into the Top 20, coming in at number 19.
What is the Index?
The Global Retirement Index is a ranking published annually by Natixis Global Asset Management. The rankings represent a country’s capacity to meet retirement security needs and expectations.

Do Boomers Owe It To Their Parents to Provide Long Term Care?

As the aging population continues to explode across the United States, more families are facing tough decisions regarding long term care. One question that has a large bearing on the issue arises time and time again: just how much, if anything, do we owe our parents?
What Do Boomers Owe Their Parents?
A recent article focuses on this question of what Boomers owe their parents.

Long Term Care Residents Paying with Only Medicaid Make Up Highest Expenditures

New data says that long term care residents who qualify for Medicaid but not Medicare accrue the most expenses for their state’s program.
Medicaid Beneficiaries
The US Government Accountability Office released a report detailing the expenditures of Medicaid beneficiaries based in their form of payment.

Not Ready to Retire, Boomers Use Savings to Start New Ventures

As more and more Boomers delay retirement for a lack of savings, some are taking a risky plunge and putting all their savings into a new venture: starting their own business.

Leaving Jobs Behind
A recent story in USA Today covered the journey of these Boomers, who decided retiring just didn’t sound too appealing and opted for more of a challenge, instead.

Pre-Retirees Face Mounting Debt

As Americans continue to deal with a lagging economy, the presence of debt seems to only be increasing. The majority of people who contribute to retirement plans have accumulated more debt than retirement savings in recent years, according to a new report.

New Study
A study conducted by Hello Wallet evaluated the financial standings of older adults between the ages of 50 and 65.

Home Care Makes Up Most Long Term Care Claims

As the presence of long term care continues to increase across the country, more people are looking into the details of long term care and the direction the industry is moving. Though nursing homes were once the dominating care setting, recent data revealed that is no longer the case. The majority of long term care claims paid to policyholders are for home care, according to this new data.

Genworth Sees Rise in Profits in 4th Quarter

After months of focusing on cutting costs, Genworth Financial (GNW) reported their 4th quarter earnings today. The company saw an increase in profits and overall positive results during the quarter.
4th Quarter Profits
Genworth’s 4th quarter profits rose 24%, with a reported net income of $208 million, compared to a net income of $168 million in the 4th quarter of 2012.

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