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December 2013

Is 2014 Your Year of Retirement?

As the new year approaches, now is the perfect time to reflect on your finances from this past year and look ahead to your retirement plans. If you are planning to retire in 2014 or any other time soon, you’ve likely considered these aspects of retirement, but it never hurts to look over your plans again and iron out the details.

South Carolina Long Term Care On the Rise

Long term care use is on the rise around the nation as states struggle to keep up with the high demand. A recent report by the AARP analyzes the prevalence of South Carolina long term care services.

Why You Shouldn’t Avoid Long Term Care Insurance

I read an article in the Wall Street Journal last week titled “Avoiding Long Term Care Insurance” and was surprised to read the financial advice.
A True Burden
A financial advisor wrote the column explaining why she advises her clients against the purchase of long term care insurance.

Long Term Care Usage Parsed in New Government Report

As the prevalence of family caregivers wanes in the Baby Boomer era, retirees are preparing for the chance that they may need long term care some day. A new report compiled by the CDC and National Center for Health Statistics evaluates the different kinds of paid care service providers and gives an insight into the dynamics of long term care in the United States.

Long Term Care in Georgia: Who Pays?

States across the nation are taking a long, hard look at their long term care systems in an attempt to reduce costs and improve quality of care for patients. A recent article in the Columbia County News-Times discusses the prevalence of long term care in Georgia and how the typical form of payment affects the state.

Genworth Reaffirms Plans for Long Term Care Insurance Unit

Genworth President Tom McIrney held a conference call on Wednesday to discuss the company’s plans for the future of their long term care insurance unit.
Viable Business
After McIrney joined Genworth in January, he promised an internal review of the Genworth long term care insurance unit and a summary of that review in the coming months.

New Assessment Tool Predicts When Alzheimer’s Patients Will Need Nursing Home Care

The issue of when to move a loved one into a nursing home facility may have just gotten a little bit easier, new research suggests. A routine assessment tool has been created that helps predict when an Alzheimer’s patient will need nursing home level long term care.

Vitamin D Deficiency Causes Cognitive Decline

Vitamin D has long been hailed as one of the most important nutrients to maintain good bone health. A new study published this week suggests your bones aren’t the only part of the body to benefit, though; vitamin D plays a big role in our brain health, too. Researchers discovered a link between Vitamin D deficiency and cognition problems.

Aging In Place Depends On Housing Wealth

A new report from the Mortgage Banker’s Association found that housing assets are still the dominating component of most Americans’ retirement portfolio.
Housing and Health
The report, titled “A Profile of Housing and Health Among Older Americans”, was co-authored by three professors. Michael D. Eriksen of Texas Tech University, Gary V.

This Holiday Season, Talk Long Term Care With Your Loved Ones

Time spent with family during the holidays is cherished time for most, especially those who are unable to see each other frequently throughout the year. Something you should take time during the holidays to sit down with your family and address, which was the focus of a recent Forbes article, is your financial standing and future health plans, especially for long term care.

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