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November 2013

Personalized Retirement Planning in the High Tech Era

A new report from Transamerica highlights predictions of how retirement planning is set to change in the next few years, as technology continues to evolve.

First Green House Long Term Care Facility to Open in Florida

Up until now, Florida nursing homes have remained largely the same, but things are about to change for the better. John Knox Village is opening the state’s first Green House long term care facility in Pompano Beach.
Florida’s First
The retirement community has plans to begin construction on the new home next year.

3 Ways to Avoid High Health Care Costs in Retirement

Retirement brings about a number of costs, some expected and some unexpected. Health care costs seem to be the one expense that few people are financially prepared for, largely because many people assume health insurance or Medicare will foot the bill.

Genworth Study Finds Lack of Awareness About Cost of Retirement

A survey conducted by Genworth found that most consumers are unaware of the true cost of retirement and have false confidence about their target retirement age. The findings of the study were released this week and showed a serious gap between expectations and reality when it comes to retirement.

Curing Dementia with Lasers?

Curing diseases like Alzheimer’s with lasers might sound far fetched but a new study out of Europe suggests it might be an option, and a less harmful one, too. Scientists at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden and the Polish Wroclaw University of Technology published their research about photo therapy lasers and the brain in Nature Photonics this week.

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