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August 2012

Simple or Equal Inflation vs. 5% Compound Inflation Protection

The short version, no math:
If you’re 70-75 years old, and think you may use your Long Term Care Insurance plan in the next 10-15 years, 5% Equal or 5% Simple Inflation Protection may be the best option for you. On the other hand: If you’re under 70, in almost every case, 5% Compound Inflation Protection will give you better value.
The math: Why Compound is superior.

Long Term Care Insurance Survivorship Rider

Should Survivorship be added to my Long Term Care policy?  Is it worth it?  Read on for answers to these questions, and some “back of the envelope math” as well.

What is Survivorship?

Summary: Survivorship is a rider (optional feature that costs additional money) that couples can add to their Long Term Care Insurance policies.

Rate Increases on New and Old Long Term Care Policies

In earnings reports and a follow-on conference call this morning, Genworth Financial continued their announcements of rate increases to come on new and existing Long Term Care policyholders.  They specifically outlined policies sold in the generation before 2003 as more troublesome, while policies sold since 2003 are profitable.

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