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May 2012

Return of Premium on Long-Term Care Insurance Policies

There are three incarnations of Return of Premium, and each company selling Long-Term Care Insurance coverage will offer at least one:

Full Return of Premium
1) Return of Premium, often referred to as “full return of premium,” will give your beneficiary a death benefit equal to the sum of your LTC premiums paid over time.

Long-Term Care Insurance: Definitions by Importance

Socrates once said “the beginning of wisdom is the definition of terms.”  If you’re just starting to learn Long-Term Care Insurance, the terms can be overwhelming.  The signal-to-noise ratio of sites offering advice is terrible and getting worse.

Benefit Periods in Long Term Care Insurance

Benefit Periods are commonly misunderstood when comparing Long Term Care Insurance.  The first mistake most clients make is in assuming that when you buy a set number of years, you are actually buying a finite time period.  You are not.

The Benefit Period is simply a multiplier.  For example, 2 years is 730 days.

Compare Federal Long Term Care Insurance Prices

To get ballpark figures of how much Long Term Care Insurance Costs, check out our Online Calculator.

Federal Employees have access to a great Long Term Care program called the FLTCP 2.0.  This plan provides a simple Long Term Care plan for Federal employees and their spouses.  These plans offer comparable coverage to what is available from a host of private insurers.

Long Term Care Insurance Statistics: October 2014 Update

Updated October 2014.

October 2014 Summary: Women account for 2/3 of LTC Claims, and premiums are higher for women in many cases, but not always.

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